Akao Shobundo Ltd. (赤尾照文堂)

Welcome to Akao Shobunbo website.

Akao Shobundo, located in Kawaramachi, center of Kyoto, specializes in Japanese hanga prints of the early 20th century, and books on Japanese literature.

We are the old book shop that you can meet colored xylographic book in Meiji, Taisho and early Showa era (19th ~ early 20th century). These xylographic books were drawn and used in Kyoto as design of kimono in mainly Nishijin and Muromachi (Nishijin means the area where the textile industry including Nishijin-ori is concentrated. Muromachi means the area where a lot of shops dealing in kimono fabrics are).
We hope dealing design books of Kyoto helps to disseminate the Kyoto culture to the world.

Our gallery in Kyoto holds large stock. We are looking forward to your visit to our gallery.

Address : 604-8032
Yamazaki-Cho 256, Rokkaku-Sagaru, Kawaramachi-Dori, Nakagyo-Ku, Kyoto-si, Kyoto, Japan
TEL : +81(0)75-221-1588 (Main)
FAX : +81(0)75-255-5571 (Only for Facsimile))
E-mail : akao●shobundo.jp(@ is displayed as ● to avoid spam mails.)